Monday, 18 February 2013

Being Square #5

I am back with the fifth of my self challenge pages and today my drawing ended up looking very much like me! We have so many 'me's' don't we...well this is teacher me! For the background I used a range of stamps, really puddled on a Dylusion ink spray and let it dry naturally. Then applied some worn lipstick crackle paint through a stencil.


  1. Another fantastic piece Clare and love the drawings you are doing
    x catherine

  2. great background stamps - the crackle paint looks fantastic, another great drawing x

  3. Cool! Did you set out to draw yourself or did it just happen? Great image and page. Hope it didn't remind you too much of work on your week off.
    Love the background to your page as always. goes with the image so well.


Thank you for your lovely comments. X