Sunday, 7 July 2013

Those Impulse...

buys and bargains. Well, I am sure I could do something with that moments! I am not the only one who does it I am sure (well I hope not anyway...LOL!)? I am counting down the weeks until the summer holidays (2 by the way) and have been thinking of what crafting fun I can get up to. My self-challenge is to use some of those impulse buys and bargains to make some projects that fit into a small paper mache box. Not wanting to be alone in this quest I have challenged some crafting pals over at the Craft Bubble forum and I am in the process of making little kits from my stash for them to be able to participate too (sharing in my craft purchase folly...LOL!). We are hoping to swap our boxes of little trinkets at the end. My self-challenge 'It is the Little Things'.

Do you have stash like this? Well, perhaps you can join my little self- challenge and use up some of your crafting impulse purchases! Watch this space for the first 'It is the Little Things' project and inspiration. Please leave me a comment and let me know I am NOT the only who does these things!


  1. No, you're not alone!!!!
    Even if I don't like to admit it!
    Michelle :)

  2. oh thanks goodness for that! x

  3. LOL I have quite the impulse stash myself! I just bought those little Alpha cards so I am excited to see what you do with those :)

  4. Impulse is my middle name when I walk into a craft/art store. I can't wait to see what you do with your stash.

  5. I have loads of stuff I buy that at the time I think looks a 'good idea'- lol!

  6. Great idea Clare and I am just as guilty for having bought the things I now have no idea what to do with!! Seemed like a good idea at the time
    x catherine

  7. Well Clare, seeing as I just finished Pay-pal-ing for a 75% off sale at Blockheads Paper Arts . . .

    umm, no, you are NOT the only one!


Thank you for your lovely comments. X