Sunday, 24 November 2013

Crazy Hair Lady # Take Two

I signed up for Natasha May's 3 week long Crazy Hair Ladies workshop, having always admired their crazy hair was keen to see how it was done and learn a few things along the way. This is my second attempt and happier with this than my first! I was a bit heavy handed with the acrylic paint on the face in take 1...but of course we are own worst critics!

Why not head over to Natasha's blog to find out more!
Bargain at $25 with both a video and pdf  for each of the 3 weeks.  


  1. ooh love her Clare - I now it's all about the hair but her face is great (i'm just envious)! x

  2. looks amazing Clare.. I adore Natasha's crazy hair girls too...
    wonderful that you take the class!
    have fun!

  3. She looks awesome!! I love her face as well.

  4. fascinating lady with crazy hair! awesome art, Clare

  5. wow this looks fabulous!
    Groetjes Karin

  6. Hmm... as a crazy hair lady myself, I feel this is something I should look into! I love your woman - gorgeous!
    Alison x


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