Friday, 4 April 2014

The Documented Life...

Here is how my documented life project is shaping up 3 months in. I have been very good and used only scraps or junk for the base pages.

Week 15 theme is to write your name and decorate, I used some scrap decorative paper for mine.

Here are my March pages and the first April theme will be up tomorrow...wonder what it will be?



  1. Love how you have decorated your Tag and keeping it green too. The last weeks have flown by! :-) xxx

    Posted mine a couple of days ago if you get the time to look :-)

  2. I really love this project, may try something similar for myself. Beautiful tags!

  3. well done for keeping up to date with the project. It will be something really great to look back on. Love how you have done your name this week. super design

  4. Wow - there's the pay-off for all that dedication - looks fab!
    Alison x


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