Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Finding a...

way forward with these 2 canvases in the last week of the Flora Bowley's online course. I don't think either of them of finished but almost there!

this canvas had a girl with golden hair last week but she has gone and a landscape has appeared!

there is a third canvas which needs a bold move next week I think as I just can't find a direction as it is.


  1. I always love to see what you've made next! Your art is so much fun.

  2. Both are so juicy and fabulous! I love all the highlights!

  3. WOW!! I love both. Even better that there are other drawing 'hidden' underneath. I really like the shapes you use- they are simple but so effective. How is that third one coming on? Still troublesome? Don't rush, it. I', sure you will see the way forward with it in time. Hope you have had a good weekend x


Thank you for your lovely comments. X