Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cardmaking to Art Journaling Free Course

Some crafty pals over at the CraftBubble forum are interested in giving art journaling a go. So I said I would put together some prompts and tutorials together for them this year. I thought I would try and spread the word a bit as I am sure there are other cardmakers interested in trying out art journaling. I don't profess to being an expert but in 2012 I took my own journey from cardmaking to art journaling so decided to share my ideas. My thought is that I will try to use the cardmaking stash you have so that you can dip your toe into art journaling and see if you like it! Then as the year progress we might just HAVE to buy new stash! Please add this button to your blog sidebar, post and spread the word. Don't forget to become a follower too! Who knows where our journey together might take us?

Why not join up at the CraftBubble forum? This way you will be able to share you work, chat about projects and join some likeminded crafters. Here is the post link on the forum.


  1. Looking forward to it matey


  2. have registered to the community....
    looking forward to your course!

  3. Whoop whoop Clare. Hugs Cherry XXxX

  4. Have left you a message on bubble and would love to join in!
    x catherine

  5. thanks Clare for organising this. Can't wait to join in/watch what happens (and then join in when I can).

  6. What a fantastic idea Clare, thank you so much for doing this. I shall be joining in with everyone on CB.


  7. Looks good Claire, I will be back lol.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  8. Couldn't post a comment under your video, but wanted to say I enjoyed it - you did better than I would have, so don't worry, it came across very well.

  9. You did beautifully! Love your new art!

  10. I am SO excited about this! I've always admired art journaling but have always felt that I couldn't do it...I think this is the kick in my behind to get me to try! THANK YOU for doing this, Clare!!! :)

  11. I just saw this, I think I will try too! Thanks so much, Kim B Going to sign up in the forum now...


Thank you for your lovely comments. X