Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gelli Plate, Lessons Learnt!

I have to say I have had my Gelli Plate since just before Christmas and didn't get chance to play. So decided it was high time I got messy and indeed you do get messy! That is the first lesson I learnt, washing up required!

The next lesson learnt was think carefully about the colours you use if you add more than 1 to the plate! My first choice went a bit muddy on the plate when I brayered over it! I also noticed that when doing the second print there seemed to be a lot of paint, so that was my third lesson (less is more!)

So in the end I used 1 colour at a time and used the selective print technique I had seen over at the Colourful Gelli Party and layered up the 3 primary colours.

Much better, I still have several lessons to do and so I am sure to be back with more gelli prints, despite the washing up involved if you use mask!
So that was Saturday and today I made this triptych card using my prints and some black stamping.



  1. Hi Clare,

    Thanks for the visit and your sweet comments. Love this piece you made. I see you are having a wonderful time with stencils too. xox

  2. love these Clare - great colour scheme and the black just makes it all pop! x

  3. Love your tryptych - sounds like you've had a ball ... hope the clear up wasn't too arduous


  4. wow the result is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for all these pre-warned lessons Clare. Will have the cleaning bowl at the ready!!. Great project with the prints
    x catherine

  6. Your triptych is magnificent!! Can't wait to see more!

  7. Looks like it was far more complicated than you thought at first attempt. A lot of fun though to get all messy!
    Love the end result- the triptych card. Have you plans to use the gelli plate again?

  8. Your color choices get me going! Love this!!!

    ;-> Felicia
    The Journal Junkie


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