Monday, 5 August 2013

Prize Winner for Art Journaling Lesson 5!

Congratulations...No 6....Ribbon Dreams!!! Well Done, Debs!

Your page was fabulous.
Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Here were all the entries:




Anyone want another lesson or shall I bow out gracefully with a thank you for your support in my little venture?


  1. Well done Debs.
    Amazing projects.
    Please don't bow out unless you don't want to continue- perhaps a summer break and then another in the winter? I find your videos REALLY useful and inspirational. They are getting VERY professional too. Perhaps you could put them together on a DVD/CD to sell?

  2. thanks louise for the encouragement. x

  3. Wow congrats to Debs and such a fantastic page. Everyone did such a brilliant job and I should be on detention for being absent!!Please don't bow out unless you want to Clare. I have been watching just time with moving!!!Really like how you show us everything!

  4. Smashing project, very creative and CONGRATULATIONS TO DEBS on winning that super Kaisercraft stamp - it's very versatile and I hope Debs will get lots of use from it


  5. Thanks Clare - please don't stop doing the journal pages - I love taking part and learning more about mixed media! x

  6. Oh yes .. I want to have much more other lessons Clare!

    They are fabulous!

    Thank you for your teaching and sharing!


Thank you for your lovely comments. X