Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week 22 The Documented Life Project

So we all have our good and bad days when it comes to life and also when crafting. I know they say there are no mistakes in art, but never quite convinced by that! Here is this week's page for the documented life, not hugely happy with how it turned out but being brave and blogging it anyway, as it does indeed document one of the not so good days in my crafting journey. And I must also hold onto the phrase, we are our own worst critic!


  1. Well I LOVE it, really like the rich "warm" colours against the "cool" background too


  2. Hi Clare! I hope you are well. Nice to have a lovely catch up with all your lovely colourful art. Yes of course the not so good stuff belongs to that too. Keep your gorgeous art flowing! ManonX

  3. To me this isn't a mistake but really good. One persons mistake is anothers perfect choice. I really like the colours and stamping. The sentiment holds very true to me this weekend.

  4. Beautiful....agreed!

    Hugs Giggles


Thank you for your lovely comments. X