Monday, 1 September 2014

29 Face Begins.

It is the start of another round of 29 Faces. I don't like to sound defeatist on day one but with the new school term beginning today I am back at work, granted only part time. It is still going to be a bit of a stretch to get all 29 Faces done but you never know, I may be able to rattle lots out on my days off! Ayala wants all those joining in to be brave and I intend to be (well most of the time but I may jump back to safety at some point in the month):

So with the phrase 'but never dared' in mind here is my first face.
Only in pencil and also super tiny twinchie (2" x 2") art.
29 faces


  1. Wonderful drawing. Her eyes and mouth stand out. Nice job.

  2. I like her! She looks sassy! C x

  3. she is beautiful- a kind of beauty only possible to capture in pencil. Love the eyes

  4. she is fabulous! i'm so envious of your drawing skills! x


Thank you for your lovely comments. X